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Our district is on the feet of west Taurus Mountain and far from province Antalya 43 km and has 52 km strand and it is one of the most important tourism centre of Turkey. It was a region of see from flood water from mountains and moor till 1910. The old people of the village have built stone wall in order to protect themselves against the flood and therefore the region took the name Kemer.

The most attractive characteristic of Kemer is its natural beauty. Sea, forest and mountains intersect at a point. It is very attractive to see the clarity of the sea, green color of the forests; sea's reaching out the pine trees, pine trees used as sunshades at the beaches.  Starting from Beldibi location all the shore to Tekirova is a complete natural beach. You can enjoy the sea with the municipality beach located within the center of Kemer and Moonlight beach located near the marina. In addition to these you can enjoy the beach and the sea of the facilities against remuneration.

Mediterranean region is wealthier than the other geographical regions in Turkey in terms of the variety of species. Taurus Mountains lie along the region, topographical and geological structure of the region, its climatic features play important role in the increase of this variety of species. Antalya province and its environment have a rich potential in terms of plant species. It is the first in terms of endemic plant species in our country. In order to determine the plant species within Antalya province and its environment, many studies and researches have been made until today. As a result of these studies, nearly all of the plant species from sea level up to 200-2500 m altitude have been determined. Beldibi Region, 25 km far to Antalya Province is also rich in terms of plant species. In this small town located on Antalya-Kemer highway, there are lemur formations as a typical plant of the Mediterranean Region and there are shore-sand dune plants in beaches, in Tahtalı Mountain bottom parts, there are Turkish pine forests and near the settlement areas there are culture plants. Together with these there are endemic plant species that are unique to our country and you can not see them in any part of the world. 

In Göynük; canyon road opens to Üç Oluk Plateau following Lykia road along the mountains following Göynük stream dividing Göynük and Beldibi from each other. You pass from a mysterious and authentic road during 3-4 kilometers, the mountain on the right covered with a green forest, Göynük stream flowing on the left with a pleasant noise and Göynük town along the stream will fascinate you. You can reach to the plateau by using the old Lykia road after climbing the mountain path out of the canyon with a unique beauty and there are various walls, stones and stone tombs on this road. Snow water are fed within the canyon and flow to Göynük stream and kiss various forest trees, yellow brooms and oleanders with various pink colors and cools them and reaches to the sea wandering.

There are two volcanic rocks while you are travelling to Çamyuva location at the right side of the road. They seem like meteoroids coming from the sky as a natural wonder. They are called Twin Rocks (İkiz Kayalar-Karataş) and they are challenging rock climbing point for professional rock climbers.

Tekirova location seems to be scattered within the pine tree forests of 500-600 year with wonderful views. Tekirova situated in the Mediterranean shores of Turkey is 5 C warmer in winter and 5 C cooler in summer when compared to other regions. Üç Adalar and is bays within Tekirova with their marvelous and unique beauty are significant diving centers of the region. The clean and transparent sea of Üç Adalar creates and environment for Mediterranean seals and for many living creatures in terms of reproduction and living. Üç Adalar is declared as underwater national park as a result of the decision of Tekirova Municipality Council due to these features.

Eco Park situated in Tekirova ( is worth seeing with its rich plant and animal variety. Eco Park is the one and only ecological park in the world including plant and animal species together.

People can come out of the sea and cool of at the top of Tahtalı Mountain from sea to sky with the cable car line and can enjoy swimming in Phaselis antique city within Tekirova region.

Another cavern near Tekirova location is Molla hole and it is situated at the east hillside of Tahtalı Mountains elevating from the west side of Kemer. This cavern is reached by walking from Afla€ı Kuzdere or Tekirova villages situated on Kemer - Kumluca highway. You must walk 3-4 hours from both villages in order to reach this cavern. 

Çıralı located between Antalya, Kemer-Kumluca is the mountain of Gods. Olympus is the mountain of Zeus, God of Gods, and Gods come together on it and make decisions. There are unblinking flames on this mountain. Çıralı has a beach of 3,2 km and its width changes between 50-100 meters. Beach elevates from the sea with a soft incline. Its borders are rocks in both ends.  It has thin grains and high quality sand in general. There is a river bed flowing only in winter season at its north. The river at its south reaches to the sea while it passes from the Olimpos city. Thus Çıralı beach is divided into two parts; its south is Olympus River and Olympus and Çıralı. Çıralı has an untouched natural structure and many Caretta Carettas nest the beach every year and it hosts many animals and plants within its environment. Besides its natural beauty, it has a marvelous beauty together with the near Olimpos city, Yanartafl referred in mythology, orange gardens and greenhouses.